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  • This bundle is for those of you looking to fit some more self-care into your week. Yin yoga is a technique that draws from ancient Chinese medicine traditions to tap into the energetic meridians of the body to leave you feeling balanced and calm. We hold postures for an average of three minutes and props are thoroughly encouraged to help you feel supported. It would be perfect for aiding a deep sleep or alleviating DOMs from workouts. 1 x 30 minute release & let go 1 x 60 minute full body deep stretch
  • Gain access to all of the on demand bundles from Olivia's site including Bitesize Yoga, Yin & Restore, Magic of Mandala, The Morning Reset and Yoga For Sport. This includes 21 classes from 10-60 minutes, from short snappy wake up flows to longer, restorative yin classes (worth £140!). This is perfect if you would like to have a class for any mood, situation or goal.
  • This bundle is made up of 4 practices designed to re-energise your morning routine. They are all level vinyasa classes. Make yoga a ritual, one time payments and they are yours forever. 1 x 40 minute full body vinyasa 1 x 45 minute water mandala 1 x 30 minute heart chakra 1 x 30 minute hips & hamstrings
  • Based on my signature Wednesday evening live class these four mandala classes are perfect if you are looking for a dynamic flow followed by a deep relaxation. Mandala vinyasa sequences move 360 degrees around the mat, with every rotation building slightly on the previous one. They can be revisited as many times as you like and the variations offered will mean each time could be a different experience. 2 x 60 minute (Earth & Air) 1 x 45 minute (Water) 1 x 30 minute (fire) £40. One time payment, yours forever.   *not recommended for total newbies to yoga. (check out Bitesize Yoga or The Morning Reset)
  • Gift Card

    Give the gift of yoga this Christmas. The credit is then redeemable on all of the on demand bundles on oliviaemilykate.com. Why not gift the exact price of a bundle? Best for beginners/busy yogis: Bitesize Yoga. (£20) For the experienced yoga lover: Magic of Mandala (£40) For the early riser yogi: The Morning Reset (£30) For the yogi that needs a little TLC: Yin & Restore (£20) All of the above? The Ultimate Collection (£99) How it works: In the Checkout you can add a gift message and choose whether to send the giftcard to your recipient's email address straight away. If you would like to pay in advance of Christmas but have it sent nearer the time I would recommend you put your own email address as the recipient and then forward on the email when you would like.
    NOTE: this gift card does not apply to live classes. If you would like to gift someone 5 live classes (a class pass) please email yoga@oliviaemilykate.com
  • This bundle contains 5 classes between 10-25 minutes long. Ideal for those of you that want access to short flows to fit in around your busy schedule. These classes are all levels so perfect for beginners. 1 x 10 min post run/gym class. 1 x 20 min wake up & flow. 1 x 25 min bedtime wind down. 1 x 20 min balance sequence. 1 x 15 min work break flow. Each practice has a unique spotify playlist. All that for £20 and it is yours forever.
  • This bundle contains 6 classes between 10 - 50 minutes in length of varying styles all designed to support runners and athletes in their training. These classes are all levels. 1 x 10 min post run/gym stretch 1 x 20 min morning flow 1 x 50 min restorative Yin 1 x 30 min single leg stability 1 x 40 min power yoga 1 x 30 min yoga for posture


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